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Gabilliam: I’m ready for it.


Prompt: (Anonymous) “Could you write a gabilliam oneshot set during the filming of bring it (snakes on a plane)”

William was already nervous and it hadn’t even started yet. He didn’t really wanted to go there. He didn’t want to see Gabe with a lot of people around them, filming even the slightest of their moves. It wasn’t fair that things had to be this way. He didn’t want to hide. He was too in love with him. But that was also the reason why he had accepted to let the relationship be this way. He couldn’t live without him, and no matter what he’d ask him, he’d always do it without thinking of the consequences. So when Gabe had asked him to record a song with him, and to play in the video for that song, William had simply accepted. But he knew he didn’t want to do it. He didn’t want to stare at him with lustful eyes without being allowed to touch him. He didn’t want to walk up to him and simply say hi without being allowed to tell him that he looked perfect just like all the time. He hated the situation more than anything. But that was also how much he loved Gabe and he couldn’t do anything about that.

William arrived to the place where the filming took place a bit early, hoping that he could see his boyfriend before everyone arrived but unfortunately, Pete was already there too. William decided to ignore him and wait for Gabe to arrive in his car. He was so nervous about what may or may not happen that he started biting his nails, an old habit from his teens. He sighed loudly and shook his head. He shouldn’t have accepted to take part in this video. He knew that each time he’d look at Gabe, everyone would understand that he truly was in love with him. He knew his eyes were shining each time Gabe was around. Sisky had told him that a thousand times. But once again, he had denied everything for Gabe. A small knock on his car’s window brought William back to reality. He turned his face around. It was Gabe. William bit his bottom lip nervously and got out of his car. He didn’t know how to act with him. And it was bothering him. “Hi” he simply said, avoiding Gabe’s eyes. The older man said hi back and pulled him into a hug, the kind of hug that he was gonna give everyone that would be here today. They both walked to where the cameras were sat. William sighed. His nightmare was starting now.

It was lunch break and William had decided to go eat alone in his car. He didn’t want to be around all these people with Gabe not paying any attention to him. He was already sick of this day. He sat in his car and broke down, pressing his face to the wheel. Why did it have to be this way? Did that mean Gabe wasn’t in love with him? He had no idea what this all meant and he hated that. He hated himself for letting his feelings for Gabe drive him this way. He hated loving Gabe, that was as simple as that. He wanted him to love him and be proud of him. He wanted everyone to know that Gabe had a thing for him, even if he wasn’t completely in love with him. He wanted to make him fall in love with him. But he knew that was impossible. Gabe probably hadn’t even realised that William wasn’t with all of them for lunch and he probably was the slightest of the things that were making him worried at this very moment. Yet, he still wanted to be his first priority, the first person he thought about when he woke up in the morning. He wanted to be his everything, the same way Gabe was his. But that would never happen, because Gabe was not the type of guy who fell in love. He just liked to mess around, and William had to keep dealing with that if he wanted to keep him. He sighed a bit and was about to step out of his car when his phone started ringing. Surprisingly, Gabe’s number appeared on the screen. William picked up instantaneously. “Bilvy where are you?” asked the other man. “I… I’m i-in m-my c-car…” replied William softly, stuttering as his throat was still full of sobs. “Filming’s starting again in two minutes. You should hurry.” And as he said these words, Gabe hung up and William started crying violently. He didn’t care about him at all and this call was another proof of that fact. He didn’t want to go back there. He didn’t want to see Gabe. He just wanted to be alone. William decided that he’d go back there late. He had no real reason to arrive on time anyway.

William had been sitting in his car for about two hours now and he still didn’t want to move or to join everyone. Gabe kept calling him but he was too depressed to pick up so he just ignored him. Things were better this way. Suddenly, he heard someone opening his car’s passenger seat, which he had forgotten to lock earlier. He hid his face in his hands. He didn’t want anyone to see him this way. Not even Gabe. He didn’t need to know. That wouldn’t make him change his mind and he didn’t even want to tell him about his real feelings. He just felt pathetic. “¿Qué es mal, bello?” finally said Gabe, who actually was the one who had decided to check on William. Gabe wrapped an arm around his shoulder and frowned. He didn’t know what had happened to his Bilvy, but he wished he could do something about it. “N-nothing.. I-it’s alright…” Gabe shook his head and kisses William’s temple, just like he knew it calmed it down. “Talk to me. I’m here. Te juro.” William nodded slowly and buried his face in Gabe’s neck. Gabe ran his fingers through the younger’s man hair gently, trying to comfort him the best he could. “Do you wanna tell me what’s wrong?” William bit his bottom lip hard and shook his head, a few sobs left in his voice “N-no… You’re gonna think I-I’m s-stupid” “I promise you that I won’t, bello. Tell me. You can tell me anything.” William took a deep breath and looked down. “I wish you loved me more.. I wish we could tell everyone but I figured out that you didn’t want it. But it’s okay because I can deal with that. I don’t ever want to live without you, baby. I’m gonna be just fine.” Gabe’s eyes widened as he heard William’s words. He couldn’t believe that was what was going through this young man’s mind. He couldn’t believe William, the man of his dreams, wanted an actual and serious relationship with him. That sounded crazy to him but he liked the idea. Gabe finally shook his head once more and started talking “William… I just never thought you actually wanted it to be serious between us. I’m so sorry I should have paid you more attention. But baby.. If you wanna tell everyone well… I’m ready for it.” William smiled widely and nodded before stepping out of the car. “Come on, bring it” he finally whispered, giggling happily.

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Why Don’t We Just Pretend? - Standalone


Rating: T

Paring: Gabilliam

Summary: William feels sick. He’s not sure if it’s the alcohol or how Gabe smells of cheap perfume and sex, but he doesn’t think he’s going to make it through this.

Disclaimer: I made it up, so it’s not true. Obviously none of it happened.

Warnings: Character death, and swearing I guess.


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Gabilliam :D


Gabilliam :D


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